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The Avoided Deforestation National Strategy –ENDE- is a national politic platform to carry out the actions to reduce emissions from forest destruction and degradation. It is the political and strategic framework of the Nicaraguan State to integrate the national, regional, territorial and local actions. It implies a process of dialogue and experiences exchange with the involved stakeholders by considering the restitution of rights of the native people and the Nicaraguan people in general to benefit from the natural resources on a rational and sustainable basis.

To guarantee the involvement and commitment of stakeholders, as well as to enrich the different aspects of the Avoided Deforestation and Forest Degradation National Strategy for, ENDE-REDD +, three working groups, which share responsibility to deal with the effects of climate change from deforestation and forest degradation were made up as follows:

Group I: has a strategic political role in the processes of decision-making at the highest level, political changes and strategic guidelines are proposed in this group which are necessary to the correct the effects to the environment and natural resources causing deforestation and forest degradation.

Group II: has the role to promote all the technical process for planning and implementing which allows to achieve the objectives and goals of the Avoided Deforestation and Forest Degradation National Strategy, ENDE-EDD +. This Group plays an important role in coordinating the political-strategic, implementation and dialogue with stakeholders.

Group III: has the advisory role, it allows the direct dialogue with the stakeholders and it it a more open instance convened by the Government that facilitates a representation of all sectors at regional, municipal, territorial, community or local area levels. This Group will responsibly report, resume contributions, implement the actions in the field and provide elements of the demands and needs of the stakeholders involved in the management, use and exploitation of natural resources.

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