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Result Indicators


Results expected

Established organization and consultation national governance process frameworks.

(i) A prepared document for operating manual and functioning of the three dialogue and consultation levels of ENDE-REDD +.

(ii) An established and operating ENDE-REDD project coordination unit.

(iv) A defined and operating information exchange mechanism and an initiated dialogue with key groups of actors involved in the ENDE-REDD +.

(v) Created conditions for the consultation and participation process with indigenous communities of the Caribbean Coast of ENDE-REDD + strategy.

(vi) A designed complaint and dispute resolution mechanism anda ENDE-REDD + communication strategy.

An elaborated national ENDE-REDD + strategy.

(i) A prepared advance draft on the ENDE/REDD + strategy on the basis of the conducted consultations.(2016)

(ii) A developed document on the analysis of direct and indirect causes of deforestation and degradation and identified current land uses, the forest laws, policies and governance.

(iii) A defined strategic guideline and its ENDE-REDD + implementation framework to address the causes of deforestation and forest degradation.(2016)

(iv) A started Environmental and Social Strategic Assessment (SESA) process and an elaborated draft on the Environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF)

A Started process to elaborate those scenarios of references.

(i) An elaborated document of information assessment and existing capacities in related institutions which estimate the rate of deforestation and carbon among other co-benefits.

(ii) An elaborated document for strengthening the capacities of institutions to develop scenarios of references of deforestation and carbon emissions.

(iii) A developed methodology and Protocol for a scenario of reference and line base of the deforestation and emissions.

A developed design of Forest Monitoring National System.

(i) A designed National System of Multipurpose Forest Monitoring.

(ii) Strengthened capacities in monitoring the institutions related to ENDE-REDD +

A designed framework program to monitor the project assessment.

(i) An implemented framework to supervise and control the implementation of the work program RPP of Nicaragua (plan M +e).

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