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ENDE-REDD + National Strategy

Component 2:  ENDE - REDD + National Strategy (0.392 million dollars). With this component it is intended to hire the service from consulting firms and individuals for i) carrying out the analysis of the causes of deforestation and environmental degradation, ii) identifying ENDE – REED strategy options; (iii) defining the application framework of ENDE-REDD + and iv) developing the social and environmental impact during the preparation and implementation of the Readiness phase.

Advanced Progress in Component No-2

The GRUN has been implementing different actions aimed to the restoration and conservation of our forests, among those actions are the Annual Reforestation Campaigns, the Declaration of the Private Wild Reserve, Care, Monitoring and updating of the Nicaraguan Protected Areas Management Plans. All these actions have positively influenced the rate of estimated annual reductions of the forest.

There is a draft that addresses the "Causes of Deforestation in Nicaragua 2015" which shows with retrospective the status of forests in Nicaragua.

There is significant progress in the analysis of strategic outlines which were identified during R-PP elaboration phase. This analysis was done during meetings for Environmental and Social Strategic Assessment and ER-PN elaboration. Indigenous leaders from different ethnic groups from the Autonomous Caribbean Cost participated in these workshops.

 Elaboration of the work plan draft:

There are EESA panels settled at regional level, which have had meetings to advance and overtake the work plan draft. Actor maps have been actualized and risks and benefits analyzed.

We have an up dated work plan built with EESA panels and Autonomous Regions.

We have an ENDE-REED+ actor map updated in each Autonomous Region. These maps let us identify gaps regarding institutions that should be part in the ENDE-REDD+ design.

EESA workshops have been held with the participation of indigenous, livestock and agricultural sector and environmental organizations. Topics like strategic outlines, ENDE-REDD+ risks and benefits and safeguards.

There has been broad participation for ENDE-REDD+ design. Dialogue has been managed among indigenous people, livestock and agricultural producers, afro-descendants, environmental organizations, youngsters and organized indigenous women.

We have a Social Communication Strategy, which has fostered the dialogue, promotion of values to love Mother Earth and improve transparency and accountability through a link in the website with information on the project.

MGAS elaboration has come to an agreement.

We have a draft on the legal framework analysis for ENDE-REDD implementation. Outputs from workshops and EESA panels from RACCS were taken into account for this analysis.

 We have an assessment of the training needs.


Workshop Memories

No. Nombre Lugar Fecha Descargar
1 Workshop on Identification of Good Environmental Practices Puerto Cabezas 12-may-15
2 Workshop on Identification of Good Environmental Practices Bluefields 28-jul-15
3 Exchange of Experience on Good Environmental Practices El Castillo 28-sep-15
4 Workshop on Strategic Social and Environmental Assessment Bonanza 20-may-15
5 Workshop on Strategic Social and Environmental Assessment Puerto Cabezas 17-jul-15
6 Workshop on Strategic Social and Environmental Assessment Mulukuku 26-nov-15


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