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National Forest Monitoring System

Component 4. The National Forest Monitoring System (U.S. 0.809 millions). In this component, we hope hiring consultancies from individuals and companies and acquire computer goods for: 1) Designing of National System for forest resource sorting and safeguards information, and 2) designing of a information system for various benefits, governance management and safeguard.

Progress in component 4.

Currently, we have the design of a monitoring system.

Conceptual design of SNMB involve components from the Infrastructure Spatial Data (IDE), and guarantee the use of methodologies and protocols from the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) for data and process exchange and inter-operability. Preliminary concept of SNMB is tended to the building of a Geoportal with typical characteristics of a Geographic Information System (SIG) in the Web platform. 

Currently, we have designed a GeoPortal prototype to evaluate systematically the reference level of emissions and this prototype is part of SNMB (see link This prototype includes the use of ArcGIS maps server, which is already working under the National Environment Information System (SINIA). 

Technical capacities from government institutions personnel have been strengthen, as long as community leaders, indigenous territories and rural producers.

Following is a list of topics that has been developed during the strengthen technical capacities process during 2015, (See A map of workshops and statistical workshop data can be seen at ).

A diagnosis of the technological platform was done with the institutions related to forest, at the same time that the forest Monitoring National System was being elaborated.

Another important progress is the preliminary design of the project website, which can be seen at the link:

Workshop Memories

No. Nombre Lugar Fecha Descargar
1 Taller “Evaluación de los Bosques Naturales del país”, en coordinación con INAFOR Siuna
2 Taller “Evaluación de los Bosques Naturales del país”, en coordinación con INAFOR San Carlos
3 Taller Evaluación de bosques afectados por huracán Félix Rosita 26-nov-15

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